Landscape Analysis

Below is a selection of landscape appraisal/ analysis/ assessment projects completed by Davis Landscape Architecture.

Salter Street London We were approached by our client to identify and assess the quality of open spaces surrounding the location of a proposed mixed use, residential development.  This information was then used by the design team to inform if there was need for, and if so what type of, open space was required in the vicinity of this proposed development. It was also used a supporting document in the planning submission for this site.  Client Noble House Properties  Architect Stock Woolstencroft

Salter Street Open Space Assessment

Star Lane Landscape Appraisal Great Wakering  We were approached by our client to assess and make note of landscape elements worthy of retention on this green and brown field site.  The intention was to identify mature and established landscape planting within the existing landscape to enable an informed decision to be made on what could and should be retained.  The identified planting elements were then integrated into the next stage of the design process, the landscape masterplan.  This process enabled our client to plan ahead and prepare the site for the next phase of development in an informed manor.  Client Inner London Group  Architect Stock Woolstencroft

Star Lane Landscape Appraisal

Burial Ground Acton. We were commissioned by the client to carry out a landscape appraisal of this small park, formally a burial ground.  This appraisal was prepared to support a detailed planning application for an adjacent site. The details of this report informed the boundary treatment between the two plots and the locations of proposed connection into the existing park. This document help to support the argument that the connections proposed would help to enliven and reinvigorate this under used public space.

Burial Ground Acton Landscape Appraisal



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