Public Realm

Below is a selection of landscape architectural projects which contain elements of or are public realm sector, completed by Davis Landscape Architecture.

Ravenscourt House Hammersmith  We were commissioned to provide landscape related information for a detailed planning application for this proposed student accommodation development located in west London.  The proposed built form is comprised of three blocks that are orientated approximately north south. The central and east blocks are joined at ground floor level creating the main pedestrian entrance to the development. This arrangement of built form creates three courtyard spaces. The south and west courtyards are located at lower ground floor level whilst the north courtyard is at ground floor.  The three spaces have been designed to be visually pleasing when viewed from above whilst providing the necessary access routes through the scheme. The two lower ground floor courtyards have been designed as spaces for the students to inhabit and relax. Seating has been proposed and a variety of spaces have been created with proposed planting and small trees.  The north courtyard connects the entrance to the proposed development with the main road. This has been kept visually free of clutter to enable clear navigation to the main entrance. This space also allows for two disabled parking spaces, cycle storage and access to the plant and bin store rooms.  Client Abanar LLP Architect Fraser Brown MacKenna

East Village Marketing Suite Commercial Development

Liverpool Grove London We offered our services to the Walworth Society to analyse whether Liverpool Grove would be a suitable road to adopt the principals of shared space. Having considered it was we then proceeded to develop a proposal to this end. At the end of the street a Grade 1 listed church is located. As the street has a wide building to building frontage the introduction of trees was possible whilst retaining the attractive vista of the church. Due to the street not being a through route to motor vehicles we concluded it to be suitable for a shared space due to the very low volumes of slow moving traffic. The rearrangement of the exiting parking layout, the introduction of trees and street furniture and the laying of a new paved surface from building frontage to building frontage could all combine to transform this space from a residential road to linear square. Our proposals were then used for presentations to the relevant interested parties of this space and were used to generate further discussion. Client Walworth Society

Liverpool Grove Shared Space Study

Marine Plaza, Southend On Sea  We were commissioned to provide landscape related information for a detailed planning application for this proposed mixed use development located to the east of London.  The proposed development is located in a seafront location overlooking the promenade  and  sea. Fronting onto the promenade at ground and first floor levels active frontage is proposed, this most likely will be in the form of cafes and restaurants. The reset of the development, including the  eight and twelve floor towers to the site frontage is to be residential apartments.  The central landscape is located over the basement car park. This car park provides all the parking for this development. This central landscape, as well as providing amenity space for residents and visitors to this development, must provide service vehicle access across the site. The planting in the central part of this site is maritime in  nature and is planted through a mulch reminiscent of a dune landscape.  The landscape proposals for this scheme were inspired by the adjacent coastal environment. The marks left by advancing and receding tides, maritime planting and the colours and hues of materials in this location all informed  decisions  made about the design elements of this scheme.  Client: Inner London Group Architect: Stock Woolstencroft

Marine Plaza Residential Mixed Use Development


Aberfeldy New Village London  We were approached by  the lead  consultant to join them as part of  a team to produce landscape related information as part of a bid for the first phase of this mixed use development in east London.   Our proposals needed to address the requirements of the various spaces including public, semi-public, and semi-private realm. Part of the brief, being the first of a number of phases of this development, was to appropriately connect the main access route (running north south through the development) to the existing pedestrian thoroughfare to the south. Careful manipulation of levels was necessary to ensure all areas were accessible to all  as the existing carriageway to the south is two metres higher than the FFL of the adjacent proposed buildings. The retention of a significant line of existing trees in this  location was also essential.    The proposals for the main carriageways through this part of the site adopted the principals of shared surfaces with similar paring material proposed for both ‘carriageway’ and ‘footway’. A public square is proposed at their intersection with the intention of occasional community events and markets.   Architect Stock Woolstencroft

Aberfeldy Residential Home Zone Development

Crown Street Southwark, London We were appointed by our client to develop a planning approved scheme and to provide them with information to discharge all landscape related conditions for this mixed use development. As the site is adjacent to a railway viaduct with arches which are occupied by local business our proposals needed to provide them with vehicular access whilst giving the site the feel of a pedestrian focused space. A the heart of this development is a public open space. The space has been designed in such a way so as to be permeable to pedestrians along its north, south and east edges. The planting within this space will help to provide enclosure and has been used to create a number of spaces where residents and friends can meet. This project is due for completion in 2015. Client Parritt Leng Architect Parritt Leng

Crown Street Mixed Use Residential

We were appointed by our client as landscape architects for this public realm site adjacent to a proposed shopping centre in central Huntingdon. Our scope of works was to prepare information to discharge landscape related Conditions. The area which required the focus of our input was a pedestrian link which connects a proposed vehicular route to the pedestrian shopping district of this historic town. The route is flanked on one side by an existing building and the other a new build wall which is to screen the proposed vehicular delivery bay for the proposed shopping centre. We were tasked with specifying plant material which would be robust enough for this public location, would provide all year round interest and would help to reduce the visual mass of this screening wall.

Chequers Court, Huntingdon – Public Realm


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