School Landscapes

Below is a selection of school landscape architectural projects completed by Davis Landscape Architecture.

Stanley School, Teddington  We were commissioned by the client to provide detailed information to submit to the local planning authority to satisfy landscape conditions. Due to the significant number of existing trees on site the planners were very interested in the construction details within the root protection zones of existing trees to be retained.  The site is an existing school where a number of structures are being demolished, a number of classroom blocks are being built and the external spaces are rationalised and in certain locations resurfaced.  Within the canopies of the existing trees, where possible, we proposed no dig construction. Where wooden decks were proposed we adopted principals which minimised the likely impact on the roots of the existing trees. We adopted a number of construction techniques to provide the desired surface finish whilst minimising the impact of construction on the existing trees.  The football pitch was remodeled to accommodate excess fill generated by site excavations. We designed this so as to minimise the impact on existing and proposed structures and ensured that adequate circulation space was maintained,  We worked closely with the architect and engineer to ensure our proposals we suitable for their specified end use.  Client: Jerram Falkus Architect: Anshen and Allen Architects

Stanley School Refurbishment

Avenue Primary School London  We were appointed  by our client, a design and build contractor, to produce landscape related information for a detailed panning application for this east London school.  Working with a design team of architects and engineers, the brief was to develop proposals for the upgrading of the existing school, with the addition of a new sports hall, an upgraded main pedestrian entrance, additional class rooms and improved landscape facilities.  The process involved numerous consultation meeting with the school and a public exhibition. This helped  to determine  their exact requirements and further refine the brief. As the school catered for children of nursery, reception, key stage 1 and key stage 2 ages the external spaces have been zoned into three distinct play areas. These have been designed in a way to keep visual sight lines clear.  The needs of parking and deliveries have been considered carefully to strike a balance between the need for on site parking and delivery turning. The needs of parents dropping off and collecting    children have also been considered  giving them pleasant environments in which to wait, meet and chat.  There are  numerous trees to the perimeter of the site. These are mostly to be retained and their root protection zones have been considered  whilst designing the layout of the buildings and the landscape elements.  Client Jerram Falkus Architect Fraser Brown McKenna

Avenue Primary School Refurbishment


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